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VMS Idea: Integrating GPS With Mobile Apps

Smartphones and tablets pretty much all have GPS built in.

Mobile apps are commonplace for VMS systems but we are not aware of any that take advantage of the built-in GPS capability.

What if VMS mobile apps used the device's GPS to better manage / display cameras. For instance, the app could immediately pull up the cameras closest to the device to show the user what is happening nearby. Or the app could display a map, center it on the user's current position and show where the cameras are relative to the user.

Useful? Not useful?

I could see this being using for in the mobile market as well. Currently most vehicle on-board DVRs integrate with GPS services. Police officers have the ability to use WiFi to connect to these DVRs in the event of an emergency and view live on-board video. They would need to know which bus (name and/or IP address) to connect to though (I believe). Imagine if their viewer would automatically go to the closest vehicle.

I would find something like the map scenario listed above VERY useful. Right now we do our best to cross train officers on all campuses, but learning where every camera is and their name/number is pretty tough. Being able to pull up an overhead map relative to where they are and then pick the camera they need would be great. Of course then they will all want tablets or MDT’s……