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What Cameras And Access Control Systems Should My VMS Integrate?

Which popular brands in the Middle East would be best suited to open a VMS for. For example, say I wanted to create my own VMS from scratch hypothetically speaking. Which brands would I be advised to integrate it with for the Middle East for within the banking and Access Control segments along with the commercial building market segments? I wanted to know what would make my VMS competitive in that region?

For cameras, support ONVIF and then do any custom modifications for any models that do not work fully but that your customers want.

For access control, most manufacturers do it on a project by project basis (i.e., if a certain large customer requires Access Control system A, they implement A). It's expensive to speculatively integrate with access control systems, so it's typically avoided unless clear opportunities are available.

That said, the access control system most commonly desired to be integrated with is Lenel.

Great help John, thank you.