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VMS And Access Control Platform Integration

We propose and integrate Video Surveillance solutions and Electronic Access Control solutions on a routine basis. However our legacy vendors in both arenas have no integration between them.

We are looking at supplementing our vendor relationships to find a solution where there is built-in integration between the Video Management platform and the Access Control platform.

March Networks is our partner and we use their VMS exclusively - they have integration with Access Control providers Lenel, SoftwareHouse, and GE Facility Commander. Quintron is our Access Control partner, and they are pursuing relationships with VMS providers, however as I understand today there are no VMS integration relationships in place.

Does anyone have opinions on solutions in the market today?

Hello, RJ:

Take a look at this discussion for starters. As mentioned in that thread, NLSS offers a clean interface between Video and Access activities:

However Genetec (Synergis) and Lenel (PRISM) also offer clean single interface function of traditional VMS (playback, event searching, camera management) and EAC (lock/unlock, door status, logging, alarms) platforms.

There are many options here, and other members may have recommendations to make.

[DISCLOSURE: Poster is Sales Manager at S2]

RJ: Take a serious look at S2 Security. It is a seamless integration with features very unique that make the integration one of a kind, such as its Forensic Desktop - allowing you to search for transactions (access+Video associated) very quickly and creating a "Case" of the sequence of events for an individual, leading to important information during the investigative process.