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Vivotek FD8367-TV Vs Axis M3025LVE For Nightclub Environment

We have an opportunity to install security cameras for a small nightclub in regional Victoria Australia. Nighclubs are not an environment with which we have much experience. Our camera suppliers have offered two types of cameras: Vivotek FD8367-TV & Axis M3024LVE. Budget is an issue. We will carry out a test of each camera in various areas as strobe lighting, smoke etc will have sognificant impacts on the quality of the recorded video.

Wondering if anyone has come across these cameras in a similar type of environment & might share their experience with them.



I used the Axis P3384 in a strip club, that camera out of the box was darn near perfect for the LED's that blinked all over the place. If budget is an issue, i would recommend just flooding the place with IR and using only B&W mode to capture your images, this will greatly reduce the amount of light flooding you will get with the flashing lights. Does your customer want Color or not? If not look at the Raytec line of IR Illuminators, those things are great, a little pricey but they have some abilities. I put an I8 above a movie theater screen next to a P3346 and was able to see the entire theater during a film clear as day.

Here is a feature comparison of the Vivotek FD8367-TV & Axis M3024LVE.

3 big feature differences exist:

  • Vivotek is 1080p, Axis is 720p
  • Vivotek is varifocal, Axis is fixed focal
  • Vivotek claims 30m, Axis claims 10m IR

On 'paper', the Vivotek is better. I do question the actual IR performance because Axis tends to be conservative and Vivotek more 'optimistic'.

Thanks fellas.

Our supplier has also suggeted the Raytec IR illuminators. We will definitely look these if the IR performance needs a boost.

I agree on paper the Vivotek looks a better unit. It will be interesting to see what comes out of our testing.

Graham, instead of an external illuminator, you'd probably be better off moving to a higher end, longer range integrated IR camera. Less money overall and built in smart IR.

How far do you need to cover? 10m? 30m? 50m? 100?


You may be right. Hopefully our testing will reveal the answer to that as we will test both senarios.

We need to cover around 15 meters. Images need to be good enough for the police to use as evidence.

Hi Graham,

We've been experimenting with dozens of cameras in a nightclub application for several years now - in Melbourne, Victoria.

My first piece of advice is never believe what manufacturers say about how well a camera performs in low light envirnoment. Although we haven't tried the FD8367 yet, we are hoping to take delivery of one before the end of January, and I'll be happy to share my findings with you.

I also don't mind if John passes on my details to you should you wish to see some cameras set up in a club environment in Melbourne.


What a small world! Thanks for the feedback, Tom, I'll pass along your contact info.