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Visio Shapes For Card Access And Intrusion Alarm

Do any manufactures offer Visio shapes for Card Access or Intrusion Alarm?

Hello, Duncan:

Surprisingly, I've not heard of an intrusion/access manufacturer providing symbols or blocks.

Like Ethan, I hacked up standard electrical panel/device symbols to represent alarm equipment, or I drew my own.

I'll look around to see if any of the 'majors' offer something like this, and maybe another reader has an idea.

Here you go guys. Visio Shapes for Card Access, Intrusion and CCTV. They are based off of the Security Industry Assiciaion Standard CAD Symbols. This took sometime to make so enjoy and any recomendations are welcome.

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Old post but I just stumbled accross it. Thanks Duncan!

Thanks Duncan!!


Hello, Duncan. Nice work. I am not able to check attributes in my Visio viewer, but are you able to edit the parameters for each symbol?

Which version of Visio did you create these with? Is it possible for you to export the same file into an .dxf or .dwg format?

Also, do you find many A&Es/ end users can interpret the SIA standard symbols, or do you include a schedule or legend page when using them?

Thank you sir,