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Visible Branding On Cameras - Good Or Bad?

The front-page article on the DRS camera made me think of this. We see some devices (DRS, obviously; Avigilon, etc.) that have very obvious branding on their units, and other devices (Mobotix most comes to mind) with a very, shall we say, distinctive design.

Then there are the units that have very little visible distinction to give away the brand or model of the camera.

What is the consensus on this? Does having a visible brand name potentially compromise system integrity, signalling what kind of equipment is installed? Should CCTV devices be less obvious about their internals? If a company manages to build a brand identity (Avigilon with their magazine ads would be a good example), does the visible brand on the camera act as an additional deterrent? Or does the common criminal really not notice any of this.

Curious to see the feedback on this.

I wish there was a concur, like or I agree with this button. You all said it, Experience with these subjects.

Integrity = Product, performance, installation technique, Good Habits on installs

Clean, Neat, Professional, Appeal

If the 1st review or impression is bad then you know what to expect in the rest of the job. I believe Quality in Products does make a difference ( Brand ) not rebrand or off brand

Don't do house-brand cable for any datacomm stuff... I've seen too many cases where the "no brand" cable was blamed for an obvious non-cable issue.

You're right, the only people that see the logo won't be impressed by it, and might even use it against you.

To one of Brian's original points, does having a brand on the side of a component 'compromise system integrity'?

In so much as it would give the bad guy a head start on how to begin to compromise the system, or if the device has a known security flaw (like all the comm port 9000 DVRs) it may... is this what you meant?

I hate it when there are large brand logos on cameras. I usually tend to mount the logo to the wall side or away from the view of the public. Some brands are harder to hide than others. Some actually don't have their brand anywhere on the product at all. That is what I would prefer.

As for the integrator stickers on everything, I understand the reasoning there. It is all about brand awareness. I have even considered having my company name and phone number printed on all of my wire. But then I think about it and the only people who would ever see it is another installer or tech. I think it is all for naught.

Great subject.... I've long wondered the reasoning behind the logo on a product that isn't sold directly to the consumer.

As noted above, some service entities that sell 'systems' may want to source from white label box makers and put their name on all parts of the systems they sell and support. Their brand is largely service and support based.

There are some of these same reseller/integrator entities that want other brand names on all the individual components they sell. The 'brand' of the individual pieces become a part of the brand of this type of reseller/integrator.

Then there are brand resellers whos own brand is based largely on the brand of one manufacturer (Avigilon dealers come to mind).

So, I think there are just as many valid business reasons for branded components as there are for white label stuff. Profitable business models can be developed around each method.

I don't see any system integrity / security issue but the real problem end users often have is the unapproved advertising aspect. There is a megaretailer who is known to use Axis cameras but when you are in their stores, you never see the Axis logo. It's fairly obvious that this has been done by design to eliminate ad / logos.

That said, while I personally find it disasteful, I do think it is a powerful form of marketing. There is a local camera reseller who labels everything, including walls, fences, gates and it does a lot to help brand his business. Even if you do not buy from him right away, you are well aware of the name, which gives him a leg up.

Interesting replies. I wasn't even thinking of the integrator branding, but I've seen that too.

The other thing I didn't mention, it seems like 90% of the time (or more), the average passerby couldn't make out any of these brands or logos anyway. So, maybe it doesn't matter. I think if I were an installer I might want to put my company info on a workstation monitor, for support purposes, but branding Jboxes and stuff seems like more effort than it is worth.

There's one company around here that puts a sticker on everything. Cameras, junction boxes, wireless radios, you name it. And they're BLACK stickers, so they stick out like a sore black thumb. I'd be curious to know if even a single lead ever came from one of those stickers.

"Gee, that sure is a nice camera with an even nicer sticker on it! I should call these guys!"


No worse than the car dealers that put huge decals or even drill holes and mount large metal badges on the rear of every vehicle they sell. I got into an argument with one and told the manager if they put that on the car I purchased, I would bill them for advertising fees.

Same subject but a bit different: I have also seen some competitors of ours (i.e installation or integration companies) using their logo on cameras (usually stickers on box enclosures or bullets) which I do not like at all. It might be good advertising? and my guys have been asking me to do it also but I really think this is a bit too much.

I prefer no visible branding in almost all cases, just because I don't want my install to be an advertisement, and though I don't think it's a major threat, I don't need people knowing what every last item is in the system. I don't really think it's an added deterrent, though. I don't think any criminals are out there going, "HOLY CRAP, AVIGILON, RUNNNNN!!!!" (Though that would be a hilarious Youtube video)

I remember back in the day, they used to send those logos as decals, and you stuck them on yourself if you wanted to. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.