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Integrating Cisco VMS With Cisco IP Phone?

Dear Friends,

I'm looking for small integration work b/w Cisco VSM (6.x.x or 7.0) and Cisco IP phone. One of our partner/customer has VSM solution and would like to see/monitor/view video feed (irrespective of frame bit rate) from existing IP phone w/o spending much on $$ due to budget constraint. I am sure someone in the forum can throw some light on this and where to get more info on this.

Appreciate your early reply, in this regard.

This is probably one of the best resources I've come across in regards to hacking around with the Cisco IP phones:

New Plugin: Control Indigo from Cisco Phones

I asked Cisco for advice or a contact on this. They are looking into it.

Hello from Cisco,

The team is currently working on a cost efficient and user friendly VSM into IP Phone integration.

One option that we do have currently is access control and IP Phone integration. This was demonstrated recently at Hudson Falls schools as they added an extra layer of security with 2N IP antivandal Intercops, and 2N helios IP Force. The cisco products included the premise security and unified communication (CUCM) and Cisco IP Phone 9971.

Hudson Falls Schools add extra layer of security

Day automation recently posted a video as well on how IP phones can control access, and send panic messages into IP phones or mobile devices.

Here is a link to the user guide for access control and IP phone integration.

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