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Viewing An NVR Via A Smart TV?

Could somebody share experience about how to display an IP NVR via smart TV? My client wants to have 8 smart TVs, and in all of them to have ability to see live/recorded cameras view.

His smart TV is connected to the Wifi router. Thanks.

Is the NVR connected to the same router or are you trying to connect to it over an internet connection? What brand of NVR is it?

Yes, same router.

The brand is Dahua.

Are you smart TVs running Android or?

google android tv stick or android tv box

Simple inexpensive and works

We have already tested the android mini pc / tv stick as well as the raspberry Pi. Both are probably fine for this but presumably since they are already 'smart TV's' presumably they want to use the built in 'smart'/computer.

How could this possibly work unless the raspberry is connected using VNC or a remote viewing application and directly connected to the TV. Interesting I guess that would work, I plan to use an HDMI output from my computer and use a digital RF modulator to send the signal to all sets. I have it working now with Tivo and an Apple TV. I am using this device. I tune to channel 10.1 and see my Apple TV as of now I can use Airparrot to send wirelessly any screen from my computer to the apple TV. On an unrelated topic you can also use logmein from an IPAD and have great control over your NVR. Much better than Teamviewer or go to my PC.

Leonard, the raspberry is just a linux box that can run a web browser. The Dahua NVR has a web client and as long as it can display video without an active X control, it will work.

You can certainly use logmein or teamviewer but NVRs come with network clients for remote vieiwing. Am I missing something here?

You are correct, the NVR I use has a poor web client. No reason your plan would not work. Plus it can give you wireless to each TV for an inexpensive price. The only challange is the reliability of the wireless depending on the enviroment, it is a good solution if you want a different view on each set. If you want the same source on each set and you can run a coax cable the digital RF modulation is a good solution.

Seems like we need someone to read this tutorial and write an app for this to run directly on Smart TVs.

And you cannot run Android apps on it?

Not 100% sure, probably depends on the manufacturer of the TV and what they really support. Most software I've seen to date has been HTML/JavaScript. I bet GoogleTV will support android apps in some fashion ;)

Is the requirement to connect wirelessly? Do you want a different camera or set of cameras on each TV ? Depending on the goals that would present a different set of solutions.

I just set up my home system to connect to a Digital HiDef modulated device. I used an DVI to HDMI cable to connect the NVR to the HIDEF RF Modulater. I have several TVS in my house and have a full screen view of my back yard. This requires an inexpensive COAX cable to each set. Same source distributed to several sets does not need to be a smart TV just one that accepts digital channels.

I imagine you could use the web browser in some sets that would be less expensive but clumsy to use. You could even use an IPAD and an Apple TV wirelessly with airplay.

How much is your HIDEF RF Modulater ?


They have several models to choose from and I am just getting my education under control. In the past I did this with analog rf modulators and the picture was ok but it only worked with analog cameras. The unit I purchased was 2400 for a two port unit but it also has the ability to configure it through a PC and it will stream the display with multicase and you can use your computer, IPad or other similar device to view the stream. (I have not tried the streaming part yet) They just released a new unit which I am ordering one that is a single port , no IP interface or computer interface for programing. The unit is supposed to be around $600 to $700.00 I originally installed it to transmit the source from an Apple TV and a Tivo in hidef through out my home and after this dicussion plugged it into my NVR and it is working great. Now I need to figure out how to send different cameras to different channels without having a row of computers. Regarding the Apple TV/Tivo plan there is one drawback which I learned there is a solution for. The device buffers the signal for a second ot two which means the remote is not responsive. They have a firmware option which has to be factory installed to change the delay. I will try that when I can get my hands on one on two weeks.

The solution requested includes being able to view recorded video as well.

How can you accomplish that without using something (like a web browser or proprietary management client, which would need to be installed on the viewing device) to connect to the NVRs webserver service?

I think this was Leonards original point...

I still suggest Google TV box. Unit has wired network connection,WIFI, HDMI out, VGA out, USB, remote control and so on

Android OS not locked so put all of them on network, install App for your DVR/NVR and you done

The concern I woudl have over the Google TV is its longevity and supportability. I still like my plan of the RF modulation but the Rasberry is here to stay and frankly if that will work it could be effective in Johns Recomendation and but also as a solution for what I want to accomplish. If I can stack the units and connect them to rf modulation I can change channels as I wish and have the same source on multiple TVs. For example in a home installation you can have a setup so the homeowner can turn on channel 10.1 from any set and see the front door. 11.1 and see the driveway and so on. If that has no value to you then connecting the the Raspberry directly to the TV over ethernet or wifi that would make more sense. The only reasonable way to control this without allot of extra keyboards and confusion is to use one computer and something like logmein to access them. I mentioned it earlier I like logmein more than Team Viewer and Go to my PC. Logmein makes it easy to control the PC. You could use an IPad to choose the set you want to manage and get to your recorded content.

Sorry, I meant to type Android TV Box, e.g.,

Do any of the remote support products like log me in or TeamViewer work with this. I still think to keep it clean and simple you would want a central spot to manage this . Especially if you want to play content back