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Viewing Cameras Without A PC?

We are trying to determine the best way to be able to use 2 or more monitors for live viewing. This is for a hotel and they would like to have a monitor at the front desk and in one of the back offices. If we were to use Edge storage then there would need to be some sort of decoder for 10 cameras. I am not aware of such a device?

You can get a smart tv and connect direct to the switch

what kind of management system and what kinds of cameras are you planning on using, or is that flexible?

Hikvision DECODER 6408

8 HDMI outputs

Display only, no PTZ, or soloing / re-arranging of views, 24/7?

Check Visual Tools AX-TV

Any idea what the MSRP is for that box Juan?

Hi Joe,

1. IPConfigure Orchid VMS running on a Buffalo NAS.

2. ChromeBit connected to monitors for VMS viewing ($85 each).


(IPConfigure CEO)

MSRP 350€

$385 USD seems kind of expensive for a decoder, no? That is very close to the expense of a PC, which the OP was trying to avoid.