Viewing Cameras From 4 Different Locations?

Dear friends ,

I had installed samsung cameras at four different locations. The client wants to view all the location cameras in the head office. Suggest me the best way possible ??

I am thinking just to note down the public IP of different locations and just enter in the web address ??any other suggestions

What type of Samsung cameras? Model?

samsung model number : SNO- L6083R

Easiest method to view all 4 cameras at the same time or to be able to select a camera for full screen display:

1) Use a static IP address, or get a free DDNS. Samsung cameras support 3rd party DDNS and the free DDNS. Create an account, and register each camera, creating a name for each. Enter the account name in to each camera. Make sure port forwarding is configured in the router. There is an option for UPnP (Quick Connect Mode) FWIW.

2) Use the Samsung SmartViewer software, and add each camera via the DDNS. Create a group, and add each camera to the group. You can then select individual camera to view or all 4 at once.

SmartViewer allows you to select the profile or stream to view (right-click on camera tile in live view display), so you can edit the camera profiles to determine which resolution/frame rate you wish to view.

The above method works both with analog as well as IP cameras

samsung model number : SNO- L6083R