Videoiq/Avigilon Vs Viasys/Axis Solution

I'm looking into designing a car dealership with video analytics using either VideoIQ using Avigilon 1Mp Lightcatcher cameras or the VIASYS with Axis 1mp lightfinder cameras on a Exacq system.. The lot is 450' X 450' and I would like to install 4 cameras protecting the perimeter form intruders. Will 1 camera be able to detect the whole 450 feet?

I'll start with VideoIQ/Avigilon first, as we have recently tested the Rialto.

For 450', you probably should look at 2 cameras to cover each side, assuming 2MP cameras. Coverage width is impacted by resolution - greater resolution, greater coverage area. By contrast, D1/VGA would be considerably narrower.

Another way to think about it is looking at the ppf involved. At 1080p over 450', that's ~4ppf, which is quite low. You could use thermal, I suppose and cover a wider range but, of course, significantly higher price for thermal cameras.

VIASYS worries me. You are literally the first person to ask for them in quite some time. I did see them starting to market again recently, but the lack of interest / presence for them is a yellow flag.

They make big claims, including supporting really old SD Axis cameras, but good analytics tend to take a lot of processing power (and more resolution). The user manual does not say anything about distance / width / coverage area but does require some specific configuration which likely will require trial and error.

Does this application entail detecting an intruder and sending a visual verification to an off site control room? If so, probability of detection is most likely a priority but so will be reducing the nuisance and false alarm rates.