Videoinsight - Does It Support Main And Sub Stream Switching?


We have a customer that already uses VideoInsight.
We have been asked by him to test our cameras so they work well with the software before he buys them.

We downloaded the demo and tried HikVision, Tiandy, GeoVision and Avigilon cameras.
Maybe its our lack of experiance but we managed to connect them only with the main stream. It seems that when we divide the screen to 16 cameras it still shows the main stream and does not switch automatically to the second stream.

Is there a settings that we need to set or maybe the software does not support this feature.

Can anybody help?



Here is feedback from VideoInsight:

"We do support dual streaming by enabling the second stream in the “Advanced” Tab. We support it for most of the major brands but unfortunately none of the cameras you tested. We have recently enabled it as an option for all cameras. We defaulted 2nd stream support for all models on version 6.2.14 which is available at"

Hi John,

Thank you for the quick help.
We upgraded to the latest version and indeed I see this option of the 2nd stream now.

What I did is connect a HikVision camera to the server and enabled the 2nd stream as shown.
No I connected to the server from another PC and monitored the download on that PC.

I did not see any change from viewing the camera on a single view (where I would expect to see the main stream) and viewing the camera on a 16 or 36 division where I would expect the 2nd stream to kick in.

Really strange as I would expect this to be supported out of the box.

Anyway - thank you for your help.


VI response:

1. Enable the camera’s second stream.

2. Enable the Second Stream option in the Advanced Tab on VI camera setup.

3. Restart the VI Server.

4. View a 4 camera layout showing the title bar.

5. Click the “I” in the upper Right of the camera layout.

6. The current resolution will display.

7. If this shows the full resolution, have him contact me and I will get him to tech support.