Videofied Pounces On ADT Lawsuit

Wasting no time and showing no qualms, video intrusion specialist has gone on the attack against insecure systems.

A week after we covered the ADT lawsuit, more industry sites are beginning to cover this. If this become a hotbutton issue, Videofied could do well here.

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GMA national news - Live Demo hacking a home alarm system

This news program illustrates how "mainstream" wireless security has become. Consumers are educated about hacking and fearful that it could happen to them. The demo made it look easy, too easy.

That video appears to be from just 3 days ago, another ADT criticism:

At the end of the video, ADT gave a generic comment about being committed to security and improved technology, etc., etc.

Is Videofied still just cellular for their outside cameras/sensors? No option for jumping on network was the only thing that kept us from trying them out in a number of applications.

In the early days, they were GSM only. However, now Videofied offers the option of ethernet or combo ethernet/GSM panels.

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The Videofied panel communicates with both/either/or Ethernet or Cellular from the panel to the Central Station. To communicate over Ethernet the panel must be powered. Because Ethernet requires power, if the panel is installed to operate ONLY on batteries, then it will communicate over Cellular. THe modem is "off" until an alarm event.

In any case, the wireless MotionViewer cameras use our encrypted 900MHz RF and not Wi-Fi. This is the same frequency that is used by first responder radios for the same reason. Police want to be able to communicate when they enter buildings and 900MHz actually does a good job of penetrating building materials.

Thanks Keith. Helpful feedback.

Thanks for the replies guys!

Interesting they call out ADT on security and Videofied had none.


Anyone use Videofied here. Have they fixed this major security issue?

...showing no qualms...

Should they have shown qualms?  

Frankly, I find it amazing that Videofied (a Honeywell company) would go after ADT a VERY large Honeywell customer. 

Note: this discussion / topic is from 2014 before Videofied / RSI was acquired by Honeywell.