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Video Tampering Monitor For Hikvision NVR

How does video tampering concept works in Hikvision NVR? What does the sensitivity bar determine? Have problems with false alarm during sudden change in lighting condition.

Mikky- I am from Hikvision. What region are you in? Alos, please advise on model/firmware version as there may be localized differences in the product.

Hi Bob,

Was actually posting onbehalf of my colleague who is also a member in IPVM. Shall get more info and and revert.

Mikky- i have limited feedback so far. The Tampering is based upon the full image. Setting a low sensitivity shoudl have a high threshold for the alarm, so that would be recommended. A video clip showing the event being triggred would be helpful to see along with the actual settings.

Bob is video tampering like anti-masking?

John- not sure what you mean by that. You can email or call. I think you have my contact info.