Suggestions For Video Surveillance Education Track At ESX 2019 Conference

I was asked recently to be on the ESX 2019 planning committee to brainstorm on course topics that are geared to a format of a moderator and 4 panelists. I would like to see a 1 day track (preferably Thursday) devoted to video surveillance (the conference is a 5 day program). The conference is being held in Indianapolis Jun 2-6, 2019. I am looking for feedback on whether these topics are interesting, suggestions for persons/volunteers to be on the panels, or suggestions for other topics. The topics are:

“Best Practices in Construction Video Remote Guarding”

Explore approaches/ challenges to protecting the perimeter, types of monitoring (analytics, tours, motion detection, live), use of guards, collaboration with law enforcement, testing and commissioning, adjusting deployment as construction progresses.

“Challenges in providing Remote Guarding in Different Outdoor Vertical Markets”

This session the speakers would participate as we introduce different verticals. The verticals analyzed are: Car Dealerships, Recycling, Storage Lots, RV dealerships, Concrete/ Heavy duty trucking, Airports, Power Utility, Cellular towers, Parking Lots, Campus.

“Strategies for Dealing with False Positives”

This session the speakers would participate in discussing the types of false positives depending on the types of monitoring, how they classifying and measuring false positives. What strategies being used in the field, programming, AI, monitoring center to reduce the false positives.

“How the Business Model for Video Surveillance/ Verification differs from Alarm Monitoring”

In this session the speakers who monitor both types of monitoring, how the time requirements for operators in handling video events differs from alarm monitoring. Explore the differences: training, time handling an event, action plans, decision making given to operators, metrics used for measuring effectiveness in video monitoring.


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