Video Programmer Recommendation?

Hello, can anyone recommend a video programmer?

We are looking for help with creating a complete cloud based system.
We have found some over-seas places that seem... too cheap. Scary.

We have some big places here in the U.S. that are just super expensive.

We are looking to come down somewhere in the middle... :)

What type of programming work do you need?

Example 1: You are getting a complete cloud based system from someone else and just need the programmer to make to UI changes.

Example 2: You are building your own cloud based system and need someone to design / implement software to store, retrieve video, etc.

We are looking for a recommendation for a developer with experience with streaming video.

We need to build an end to end solution that involves taking rtsp from an NVR... etc etc

And streaming it to web pages, mobile devices, etc.

Anyone on these forums know any developers who do streaming video stuff?

Building an end to end solution is going to take quite a lot of effort. I think it would be hard for even an experienced individual developer to do it by him/herself. And you'll need a very experienced / expensive developer to do this as it is a speciality.

right...... thats why i made the post. searching the right person or team...

You might take a look at the team that does the open source ONVIF tool - iDeviceDesign. Not sure if they would do such a project but they'd likely have the expertise.

I recommend you be detailed about what you want done. The less details, the more risk / concern professional developers are going to have in doing a project and providing a lower cost quote.

I also recommend hiring over getting an outsourced team for the lead developer of this. If I understand what you are trying to do, you will want to have this internal / core part of your organization.

Agree with John (although I know nothing of iDeviceDesign), there's a lot of work to be done to acheive what you're trying to accomplish, and not just once but on an ongoing basis.

Streaming video over a LAN environment vs streaming video over the 'internet' environment are very different problems. Consider the fact that a LAN typically has bandwidth an order of magnitude greater than an end-to-end internet channel--that in and of itself forgives many sins that may prevent internet streaming from working at all. Not to mention issues of addressing, authentication/entitlements, connectivity, packet loss, etc.

Some challenges are technical, others are more strategic. A full time team is necessary not just to get a solution working but to continually support and evolve it on an ongoing basis so it remains competitive and relevant.

That's not to say it's an impossible challenge. Today more than ever prior art supports this kind of application with tools, technology, and experienced people who can help. But just as IP video in entertainment doesn't seamlessly translate to surveillance, we have unique challenges applying much of the 'internet streaming' technology to our applications. For example, most of the internet streaming technology used by Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, etc., are about static prepared content streamed from large servers on CDNs over high bandwidth pipes to the client. Whereas you'll be dealing with dynamic 'live' content streaming from relatively small servers over relatively low bandwidth internet connections then out to your clients.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Right..... we understand the challenges... and cost.. etc etc.

I was simply looking for a recommendation to a prgrammer... or group or programmers who have streaming video expereince.

Probably I can help you to find a team (it does not sound like a one man job) to make it. But it depends on your exact requirements, timeframe and budget. I also fully agree that anyway you will need to have at least a head of development on your side to control it. Send me a message ( - if it is prohibited to post email addresses please delete it) if you want to discuss it.

Will that work? It's in the middle :)

Konstantin, You need to disclose clearly when you are promoting your own offering.

At least describe what you offer and how it does or does not meet the poster's request.

John, sorry about that. Noted. We are looking for partners to develop a complete Cloud based solution, that's why I've got interested in Kenny's post. We have been working on it for more than two years and have lot of Cloud modules ready, such as managment, live streaming, recording and playback. All demoable. We are currently self-funding the project and partnership is required for completing and bringing it to the market. BTW, our current main offering is Video Player solutions for mobile and it will complement the Cloud solution.

Hey thanks! I will check out that link!

That might be just what we are looking for... someone who has a big part of the solution already done....