Video Over Cambium Epmp 5 Ghz - Ghosting Issues

Hi all,

We are deploying an Axis Pseries and Qseries cameras over 5.x GHz Cambium ePMP network. We are seeing ghosting issues and we are in process of troublethooting it. It seems that the issues are more prevalent with H.264 codec than MJPEG. Few items:

1. Latency is less than 50ms

2. TCP throughput UL is 50-70Mbps 6 times more than needed

3. SNR over 32 dB

4. VMS - Genetec Security center (we are looking into the codec on the machine as well)

This is the first time we are deploying Cambium ePMP and I would like to get feedback from anyone experienced in ePMP and seen similar issues. Any other expert advice would be greatly helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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