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Video Matrix Integration With VMS Software

One of our clients are using Pelco 9760 video switcher and we recently upgraded our VMS to Dvtel. In the past, when we have analog system, our systems used to share upto 20 PTZ cameras. Now, I am wondering, how we can send camera streams to our client who use analog matrix switcher ?

They operate their video wall (6x6) monitors with video matrix switches and we manage with Dvtel.

Most matrix switch manufacturers publish their ASCII codes to allow 3rd party devices to control them...standard practice in the analog world for many years. Integration into an IP based caamera system is through the use of decoders to bring IP streams into the matrix as analog inputs, at standard reolution. The data port on the decoder can deliver the ASCII commands from the VMS into the RS-232/484 ports on the matrix switch, provided that the VMS supplier has that feature available. You can also use multichannel encoders to encode the matrix switch video outputs, enabling the VMS to treat them like any other IP stream. These tactics allow the customer to gradually migrate from an analog system to an IP-based system.


That may be a problem with Pelco. Their keyboards use Pelco 'P' protocol, which is at least somewhat proprietary. I've heard from a number of sources that it can be difficult, if not impossible, to interface with CM97xx matrix system keyboard interfaces.

A better solution for PTZ interfacing with two separate systems could be to use "code merger" units, like the Pelco CM9760-DMR or the Sennnetech SCM-200-Pelco or SCM-800-Pelco. They would allow multiple control devices to control a single daisy chain of PTZs.

As far as sharing video between an analog and an IP system, it would depend on the cameras. Analog cameras can be looped through the matrix to the VMS' encoders or vice-versa. IP MP cameras would have to be decoded to 4CIF/D1 analog to allow the matrix to utilize them. Very few (if any) decoders have that capability.

thanks folks


I didn't understand the question. You need to send analog video to the matrix, or you want to control it via the VMS?


Hello Hernan,

The question is how do I send digital video streams from Dvtel to existing analog video matrix switcher. Initially I plan to encode digital signals and decode as analog and send them to matrix switcher. If I do this do I encounter any issues with controlling PTZ cameras ?


Encoding and decoding video is independent of PTZ control so depending on how your control is wired, you shouldn't have any issues.