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Video Insight Appletv App - Public View Monitor Alternative?

Just saw this in an email, though it doesn't seem to be on VI's website yet.

Looks like you can download their app for AppleTV and setup camera views, along with some ability to reply (5 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec segments).

Seems like a potentially cheap and easy way to setup pubic view monitors or other remote display applications.

Digital Watchdog also has an Apple TV app for viewing most of their products, with the exception of their IPVMS Spectrum product. We are waiting for the Spectrum portion to be added. We think this may be a game changer for us.

Interesting, wasn't aware of the DW one.

I think more VMS companies should leverage the AppleTV/Chromecast/etc. for public view monitors and similar applications.

Why have they not done this? It seems like it would be a well received addition to any surveillance offering... Is it a hardware related issue where the device cannot handle the video streams?

Apple TV hardware never had storage, up until the 4th Gen. Now you can purchase 16GB or 32GB of built in storage for apps.

Apple also has chosen the A8 chip, which gives the unit much more processing power.


Thanks as always for the mentions Jon.

The response from the demonstrations at ISC was phenomenal.

Here is more information:


Jon, I have a side bar question for you. Would you be willing to email me about DW?

IP Cam viewer app has a chromecast helper which allows you to cast your camera to a monitor.

My issue is that you need it to be 1) stable and 2) capable of auto-starting on reboot without user intervention/selection of a camera, etc...

ViewZ has a monitor with an embedded android device that autostart a VMS app of your choice, or their own app to display cameras as configured.

I had submitted a feature request to Video Insight a few years ago for the ability to cast,the ability to cast to a $35 device would be awesome. But as always the Apple fan boys win out.

Mark, fanboys aside, you need the processing power of the A8 chip to get this done. Your little Cracker Jack toys based on Chromecast or Android just don't have enough CPU. That's why they cost $35. That's why you can't view 16 HD cameras on something that has about as much (or less) CPU power as the cameras you are trying to view.