Video Archive Storage For 2 Years?

is there a way to archive video data as it streams resulting in two years of storage?

what type of cameras and how many of them?

The answer is yes, the real issue is where and how much.

Bruce, can you elaborate on what you want? Do you want to archive off site? Do you want to archive to lower cost storage?

At the simplest level, even adding additional direct attached storage to common recorders would work but there are many ways to approach this depending on what you want to achieve.

We are installing 16 ip megapixel cameras looking at sensitive gauges.more than likely being recorded on a exacq nvr. The customer wants the video archived for two years.


That helps. On site or off and have you calculated the amount of storage based on the frame rate and quality?

Are we talking 40TB or 400TB as that also impacts the design.

Do you need high framerate video for this? How quickly do the gauges change? It seems like doing 1 image per minute as a snapshot could greatly cutdown on your storage requirements.

When you deal with long term storage, there is necessary question of backup too. It's the type of thing that gets cut out of the budget right away, but 22 months into the project, if there is a data corruption issue, then all the data could be lost. If they want that data bad enough to keep it for 24 months, they probably would want to ensure it's backed up too.