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VICON Pressurized Surveyor PTZ Domes

One of the engineers sent me an email stating I should look at the VICON Pressurized Surveyor PTZ Domes because they are IP67 rated and apparently will hold up to the occasional chlorine gas leak. I do have a couple of building where corrosive gas is an issue, although no need for cameras there, yet...

I'm no chemical engineer, but if I specified a corrosion resistant housing and a IP67 nitrogen filled dome, would it really hold up to a chlorine gas leak? Is IP67 really resistant to gasses?

My facility used to use VICON analog cameras, but I have replaced them all with Axis cameras because at the time VICON didn't really do IP/Network cameras. Apparently they do now, I just never bothered to look. Are the VICON IP cameras any good? The IP67 rating seems unique; at least Axis doesn’t seem to have anything equivalent.

I see VICON also has IP elevator & prison cell corner cameras.

From what I can tell IPVM has not evaluated any VICON IP cameras.

Vicon, as a company, has hit hard times. Check our most recent reviewing further revenue declines and them selling their building to raise cash. To that end, I do not think it's worth the risk of buying Vicon products unless there is no other reasonable mainstream alternative.

As for the specifics of the camera, pressurized housings, chlorine gas etc., I will defer to Brian Rhodes and others.