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Vicon Impressions?

I have not been exposed to anything Vicon, either product or talking to anyone from Vicon, in over 20 years, but we have a client that lists them as one of their acceptable systems. Does anyone have any thoughts about them that they would like to share with me?

Vicon used to be a major player, but that was 15, 20, 30 years ago. They are still around but a small to mid player (~$40 million annual revenue). Their biggest news in years was buying out IQinVision recently. Overall, as a company, they are not in great shape, sold their headquarters not too long ago to raise cash. Only have a ~$10 million market cap.

Given that there are lots of growing, quality manufacturers in the market, I think it is hard to justify picking Vicon, given their overall corporate position. Plus, it is not as if they have some unique market niche.

There does not seem to be a lot of integrators using Vicon as they rarely show up in our surveys.

I am somewhat familiar with Vicon but my last exposure to their product was approximately 10 years ago. We installed several Kollector’s in a hospital. It was interconnected with a Pelco matrix switcher (yeah…all old analog). The Kollector’s were all installed with small under-rated power supplies from the factory causing them to fail. Because of this, we eventually replaced the system with Avigion using encoders and coaxitron translators. Not sure what they are up to these days with IP… but I can say that 10 years ago even when CIF video was fairly common, they were still in the dark ages trying to keep up.

I believe that the IP camera industry just exploded. It’s not the same technology as the old school analog cameras so the major manufactures like Pelco and Vicon were caught off-guard with the explosive growth and complete shift in technology.