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Viakoo - Can They Really Do What They Say?

Viakoo, are they for real? Can they really do what they say they can. Because I find what they say about video is so true and I have been looking for a way to better detect problems.

Background on Viakoo: When Intransa closed down, the key executive formed Viakoo.

As far as performance, what aspect is of their offering are you interested in? The major value-add they pitch is 'no lost video', but your existing camera equipment and VMSes might do a better job if features like edge storage and VMS Health Monitoring are employed, ie: Viakoo says they run their checks every 20 minutes.


Thanks for the link to the other test by IPVM. However that was a test of what is built into those VMS platforms. We currently do not use a VMS. We have not made the leap to a stand alone VMS software running on one of our servers. Nor do we see ourselves going to this any time soon. We are using DVR's/HVR's/NVR's. This has been our model and will continue to be our model for some time.

Currently, we have four different brands of appliances. In my opinion none of them do a very good job of detecting video loss or a failed hard drive. I find often times we stumble across a problem with our systems more then we actually get notified of a potential problem. So since I can not simply go out and replace hundreds of legacy DVR's simply because I don't like the health monitoring built into them, I would love to find a third party solution I can purchase that may be better at it then what comes from the VMS solution provider.

Does this answer your question?

Damon, thanks for elaborating.

In your case it is tough because whatever monitoring system that you bring in will depend on getting information from your existing recorders. The monitoring system may not integrate at all with the recorder or the recorder may only share limited information via API to the monitoring system, etc.

Quite frankly, I am not confident that a 3rd party is going to be able to do a better job of detecting video loss or a failed hard drive than your recorders, simply because if the recorders can't do it, it implies that such information is not being tracked and would not be available to be sent to a third party monitoring system.

Let's see if anyone has any offerings to provide.

I'd stay far away from Viakoo though, they/Intransa burned their previous customers and have little experience monitoring 3rd party recorders.

I fully agree with John H. as we were one of those Integrators that was burned by them when they were Intransa. When they knew that they were going out of business due to no more capital money from investors they basically just shut the doors and it put us in a very bad situation with many of our large Enterprise end users that were using the Intransa Storage solution. Good riddance to Viakoo!!