Viakoo And Arecont - A Perfect Match?

A perfect match?

Viakoo, the first automated solution for cost effective and proactive management of IP video network infrastructure, is piloting a new program together with Arecont Vision®, the industry’s megapixel leader, to help improve network video surveillance for all users...

Arecont Vision® sales personnel will inform and educate customers about the Viakoo solution; in turn, Viakoo will provide Arecont Vision® with data about their cameras in the field that Arecont Vision® can use to further improve their quality and customer service capabilities.

IMHO, it's a smart move for Viakoo, as Arecont is to provide real field failure data, which should easily provide clear evidence of Viakoo's formerly unsubstantiated claim of 70% working video.

I saw that weeks ago and was tempted to post it.

Now, people are going to think I am undisclosed A. Deep breath....

Now, people are going to think I am undisclosed A.

I've always assumed it would say Undisclosed A Founder.