VGA To BNC Adapter?

We’re replacing one of our customers old Bosch DVRs with a new Hikvision TVI recorder. The old system had 100 feet of coax going between the old DVR and the customers TV so he could view it in his office. Rather than replacing the coaxial (he doesn’t want to pay for it). I am wondering if someone can make a recommendation for a VGA to BNC adapter. I know there’s a few available, but I’ve never had good luck with stuff like this.

We’re going to put the client software on his PC. He would really like it on his “big screen” like the old system currently is, there’s no computer close by or any available inputs other than the coaxial. He’s not interested in getting a new TV and understands picture quality will be low on the old tv.

I've seen passive VGA-to-composite adapters that worked like crap, but they DO work. The ideal way to do this is with an AVerKey or similar device (looks like AVerMedia doesn't actually make these any more, so some digging around may be necessary).

Fortuantely it looks like these kinds of devices have become commodity items and can be had cheaper than dirt now: - I remember when AVerKeys were $300, now you can get something similar for a couple sawbucks.