Vehicle Tracking And In Car Cameras

I have a customer who is fed up with their employees beating up their work vehicles. They are looking for a system that not only tracks the vehicle location on GPS, but also integrates to an onboard video camera that watches what the driver is doing, and/or a dash cam. I have done some searching but I have not found anything that does both. We are in a remote area but cellular should work but recording should be done in the vehicle. Not sure if such a system exists but if anyone has any suggestions or has used or heard of a system like this I would be interested to know your comments.


I've actually been looking into something similar for the guy who owns the landscaping company that takes care of our property.

There are a lot of fleet management apps that utilize smart phones, giving you GPS and cellular upload.

If your client is concerned about employees beating up the vehicles and not just keeping an eye on where they are, then you'd probably want to look at autocross data logger apps. One example: TrackAddict, you'll need to add an OBDII wireless device as well: OBDII Bluetooth Interface

Garmin makes a dash cam that also records gps locations... i do think most dash cams also record gps as well though... we are currently looking at their cameras for our vehicles... for gps location we currently use intouch gps and have been very happy with the product and service...

I can't find any resolution info for these Garmin cameras? I see the screen resolution, but who really cares about that........

Does it need to stream live or just dump at the end of the day?

This one looked promising...

They would like the tracking info to be live, I think that the live video streaming isn't as important since their vehicles all end up at the same place at the end of the day / shifts. so they can review the video feeds after the fact.

I have a client (commercial refrigeration/HVAC service) that uses Fleetmatics to track his drivers and do onsite billing quickly. I don't know if that could integrate with a video system or not. I know he doesn't have video in his trucks. It is just an app that runs on the driver's company provided iPhone.

Tracking and Video from one provider that is seamless?

My company provides several options:

Saw this group at ISC West in the import section. Looked interesting. Feature rich, lots on units in field, cheap pricing, mostly analog but a 2 channels of IP on 8 channel box. Bought 8 ch sample w/GPS-Cell-Wifi $400, yet to bench test but they have already reached out to us offering their technical support engineer for setup help.


Address:4/F, Block 3, TingWei Industry Park, No.2 HongLangBei Road , BaoAn District, Shenzhen, China

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We read, write, and speak good English at Safety Vision; that's got to be worth something! Live video streaming via cellular is merely an option clients utilize for occasional live look-in when the fleet tracking system sends supervisors alerts for events such as hard braking, impacts, swerving, panic button use, or over speed situations. With bucket data plans for cellular, our clients pool all available airtime and use it only on those assets that are occasionally viewed as live video out on route. Try it before you buy it...that's how we roll.

We read, write, and speak good English at Safety Vision

Is that a joke?

Probably in response to some of the bad Engrish on that icarvision site.

I was hoping so. Otherwise, it was quite ironic.

I came across Valor System, from my home state so I gave them a call, their stuff wasn't terribly expensive, ~$650.00 - $850.00 for 2 cameras, and GPS trackers. They had some cool stuff, but nothing that really excited me, looks like all these offerings are very similar to what others have suggested and the software looks the same as well in regards to the mobile video options.

We use edge exacq/axis video and LTE/Wi-Fi modems. Tracking is done very inexpensively with verizons ODII plug in modules. However heavy trucks don't have that plug option. The LTE modem has to subscribe to more than just gps logging as their system does all the mapping maintenance plans, etc. etc. Verizon points you to google maps.

Not cheap, but live streaming with audio, on-board storage, NAS archiving, HD video, low bandwidth 2nd stream for constant viewing, pooled data from sprint, a F series camera positioned to see the entire inside of cab, with excellent WDR that provides unexpectedly clear video through windshield and even through the sideview mirror to view out and down the side of truck.

Lots of caveats doing it this way, certainly not an easy installation and maintenance roll-out.