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Variable Frame Rate During Critical Events

Hi folks,

Is anyone aware of a surveillance camera that increases its' frame rate in response to a detected event or alarm?

Does your camera offer multistreaming and events of some kind? Maybe you could have the lower stream set at 1fps and upon motion have it switch to the high stream/30fps one without using a VMS.

The reason I asked the question was because I have a DIY setup at home that includes integrated motion detection. Unfortunately, these domestic units have virtually no user options to adjuct frame rate. In my particular case (1fps). When the motion detection/recording function kicks in, the camera takes 6 consecutive frames and emails them to my iPhone. Unless the the intruder is a) dumb enough to stare at the camera as he enters frame - or b) stationary for the next 6 seconds. I get only one useful image. I wondered if commercial grade installations were designed to take into account that multiple images (generated at the moment of detection) would give a far greater opportunity to capture identification data?

That's typically done via a VMS and it's called 'boost up' or 'speed up'. See Motion Boost Recording Test.

Are you planning to use the camera with a VMS or?