Vanderbilt Bright Blue - Anyone Familiar?

We have a client with a Vanderbilt Bright Blue Access Control System. The system can be seen via its IP address and proprietary Discovery Software but the webpage is unresponsive. I have done the following: connect it via a laptop and network switch, power cycled too many times to count, and re-seated the USB thumb drive inside the unit.

Any help would be appreciated. Vanderbilt Tech Support wanted $500 to open a ticket.

Bright Blue has been around for several years. It was Schlage Bright Blue before Vanderbilt bought the line.

With that said, do you know which version it is? I'll ask Vanderbilt for feedback.

Ver. 3.3.1

Thanks Brian.

$500 to open a ticket? Or to buy a year (or some time frame) of support?

Have one looks like we might be inheriting if we get the client. It's screen labelled Schlage, so I assume this is an older version pre-Vanderbilt acquisition.

Anyone know any hardware details about their controllers? What kind of takeover options their are...

Pre-Vanderbilt, it is proprietary hardware. I think takeover using the system you're dealing with is a longshot.

After Vanderbilt bought the division, this may be changing. Vanderbilt and Mercury Security are both owned by ACRE. (Big Money Coming Into Access (ACRE)

If it's old enough to not say Vanderbilt is there a reason to expect support? 500 for one service ticket does sound steep. Are you an (authorized dealer or whatever they call it.)