UTP Or Coaxial Cable/Power For HD Analog (HDTVI/HDCVI) Cameras?

This is much more complicated compared to what we were doing with old analog cameras where we using UTP (cat5e/cat6) and baluns for both power and data.

To be honest I would like to use UTP but I have the following thoughts/doubts:

1) UTP will not be compatible with the new power over coax technologies that are coming out. From what I know this is an add on box by Hikvision for now but I guess later it will be "integrated" into the DVR.

2) It seems HD coax (HDTVI/HDCVI) baluns are big. Big means that it cannot fit into the wiring box at the camera side. Maybe I am wrong on this and smaller baluns exist? Or maybe we can still use the "old" cheap tiny analog baluns?

3) It seems by using cat6 the maximum distance for the camera is limited. This could be a problem in some installations since distance is one of the advantages of HD coax.

Any thoughts on this?

I am in the process of doing this as well. We are connecting hdcvi to existing cat6 just trying to determine the best balun to use for this. Only need video through it going to power locally. I've talked with other and they say ok but we will see.. Any feedback would be great

While we have never used "HD" purposes baluns for CVI, the ones we used were your run of the mill analog baluns. We could never get as clean of an image using baluns as we could running RG59.