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Using Video Analytics For River Flooding Detection?

Hi, Some manufacturers sell videoanalytics as a tool for detecting river flooding, for me this is a Hype but I wanted to check if someone knows any reference project doing this. For me it´s a high risk, lifes are involved so better tools shpoudl eb used (Water -level metering, ...), Thanks for your inputs.

My company located in Korea had successfully finished a long research and development project for technology, product and solution to detect river flooding thanks to Korean government funding during last 3 years.

In Korea, river flooding has been the biggest natural disaster, and it was the main reason why this government funding was granted.

We've accumulated lots of know-how to increase reliable accurary of river(water) level detection regardless of environmental condition such as rain, wind, storm, fog, sunrise and sunset, total darkness, vehicle headlight, water color changing, and so on.

The following snapshot shows an example of the main screen of the flooding detection solution for operators in a central station, which displays a list of cameras, a GIS map, a current camera with water-level detection lines and boxes, other vicinity cameras, and charts from conventional physical sensors. All these realtime info would help operators to make a concrete decision if they should deploy alerts of flooding thoughout all available paths.

Flooding(Water Level) Detection System

This is our special camera system dedicated for water-level detection in all-weather conditions, 24/7/365, integrated with a patent-pending IP camera with a special optical filter, two motorized vari-focal IR illuminators and a rubust positioning system.

Water Level Detection Camera

Please note that at this moment this solution is intended for only Korean government sector. We hope we can have a change to deploy this solution to global market in near future.

I.K. Lim
VP, Product Management/Ph.D.
UDP Technology Ltd.