Using Hikvision, Wonder How Others Here Have Decided What Brand To Put With Their Name?

I just came onto IPVM recently and have been impressed with the info I have read.  I have done cameras for clients for years, starting with Nuvico but then after they went down, I went with Hikvision because from what i saw at the time they looked like they had a large enough piece of the market to stay IN BUSINESS for the foreseeable future and they seemed to be an OEM for many other brands at the time.  I have experienced a few fails but all the issues I had were DOA product and I have had no need for tech support to get anything working. Seeing in this article how utterly poorly Hikvision is ranked today (especially considering the whole China factor), it would seem prudent to consider HID and Ubiquiti.  I have used Ubiquiti for wireless devices for a long time but somehow didn't realize they offered security cameras.  I wonder how others here have decided what brand to put with their name?  I feel like quality (to include durability) and usability are key but with so many brand choices it is a hard call to make.  I typically never sell anything until I have tested it for myself but with a list like this, its tough to know where to start.  While selling Hikvision I had been buying through distribution but prices vary from one distributor to another a lot.   The two biggest distributors that I deal with that sell Hikvision often have little stock on hand and no good ETA on incoming inventory.  Also when selling Hikvision we have had a few end users Google a part number and think you're giving them a rip-off price when they had not seen the line about buying from Unauthorized sellers.  I guess technically we are competitors here but I can tell you that my work won't be a reason to have an end user think integrators do anything less than an excellent job (and there are a lot of camera jobs to go around).  Thanks

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