Using Electric Lock For Door With Double Leaf

Is it applicable to use an electric lock for door with double leaf?

Could you clarify the application a little bit? A standard set of double doors, or something else?

Yes, it is a common application for access control. Like Dan mentions, however, we need more details. Are these egress doors? Are panic bars/exit devices already hung on these doors? Does this opening have a mullion?

When you say electric lock, I assume you mean maglock. It is very "applicable" and installers do it every day. Is it the best solution, no. But sometimes (given door construction or budget) it is all you have. Just follow your local NFPA and Life Safety codes and you should have no issues. The "best" solution (best is open to interpretation) is electrified panic device with rods, but it is far and away the most expensive. I don't know of any jurisdiction that would not accept it.