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Using Datacard CP80 Printer With Lenel Onguard

Has anyone had experience using the DataCard CP80 printer with Lenel OnGuard, especially with using the duplex and magstripe encoding options?

We currently are on the Picture Perfect platform and have a couple of these CP80 printers but we will be moving to OnGuard probably next year. I know that there are no DataCard printers listed on Lenel's compatible printer list and I have an immediate need to purchase another printer. I hate to invest 5k in a new CP80, then not have it work when we get to OnGuard. I know the simple answer would be to purchase a printer listed on Lenel's compatibility list but I do not want to deal with multipule brand printers if I don't have too, plus it saves me from asking for additional 10K in my Captial request to move to OnGuard.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Hello Don. Congrats on asking the first card printer question on the forums! I know for sure there is provisional support of CP80s in OnGuard, because I've seen an institutional client use them in the latest versions.

However, they were not specifically using them for magstripe/duplex function options. So I'm reaching out to Datacard & Lenel for specific answers.