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Using Analytics To Detect Chemical Leaks?

Does anyone have experience in using video analytics to assist in the detection of chemical leaks such as anhydrous ammonia or Dowtherm? The chemicals when releasing create a colored cloud that should be detectable in the field of view. I am concerned about the normal challenges with analytics and environmental factors that can reduce the reliability. I thought I would see what others have experienced (if anything) with this type of project. Thank you, Frank Pisciotta

I worked on a project at a paint manufacturer that used thermal cameras to detect overflow leaks in bulk tanks.

Essentially, the resins being pumped into them were very hot, and if tank level switches failed, the thermal camera would detect seepage out of a weephole before it became a big spill. Because the resin was warm, it showed a sharp contrast on a thermal camera, even if dust and other debris were floating in the air.

Anhydrous ammonia has a really low vapor density, but do you think thermal could be an option?

These guys just won the WSJ Startup award: Rebellion Photonics Gas Cloud Imaging Camera

They are using not just three colors but a hyperspectral imager to cover a broader spectrum and are able to detect stuff invisible to the human eye.

Thanks for sharing. Looks interesting.

Here's their video overview:

Very interesting!.. Any clue about the price of this camera??..

Hi all,

if you are curious about this kind of solutions, I worked in the past with this guys: