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Using ACTI Cameras

I am looking at using ACTi cameras. Any opinions?

I can give a general overview of where ACTi fits into the marketplace. To be more specific though, I'd need to understand more about what you are trying to accomplish.

ACTi fits in the budget tier of the market and is one of the bigger players there.

For instance, there is the enterprise tier emphasizing top quality and higher prices - Axis, Sony, Panasonic, etc.

By contrast, in the budget tier, providers aim for quality that's close but at lower prices - ACTi, Vivotek, Hikvision, Dahua.

Over the last few years, ACTi lost ground, literally as the others on that list surged past them. Specifically, to their cameras, they focused on a werid 4MP lineup that was strangely positioned to the generally lower costing 'regular' 1.3MP/2MP offerings of their rivals.

Their new product lines (3rd Generation) look more promising as it's more of a standard low/mid/high end 1.3MP to 10MP lineup.

Let us know what you are looking to do and we can provide more specific information.