Useful Apps To Keep On Phone, Laptop Or USB Stick?

Back in the systems integration field after leaving for 7 years. Any suggestions for apps to keep on the USB stick, phone, or laptop?? I'm not strong in IP/networking, so any suggestions there would be great. Also any apps to remove or deactivate unused services on pcs being used for client or servers. Thanks!

Was gonna be my first suggestion, super useful.


On pretty much every PC here, I have and use:

Some will tell you you need Wireshark, but I generally think that a lot of folks are in over their heads with it and they're not going to get much meaningful out of it other than "it's broke."

In addition to many of the tools already mentioned...I have GPUZ for Client testing, IOMeter for storage testing, 'baretail' for convenient log viewing, Attobench for some quick array testing and compare, CrystalDiskInfo for SMART data viewing.

I use FING when connected to a customers wifi to see what and who is on it to locate devices. I use StorCalc (free) to estimate storage on the fly. I'm surprised I haven't seen Wireshark listed. Most manufacturer support will ask for a Wireshark trace if available.

Ethan commented on Wireshark.

I have it in my 'tool bag' and his notion of its usefulness depends on the user is correct.

Thanks, missed that part. I use it frequently but not to the level of our inside apps guys to whom I will capture data and send that to them to interpret

I install Cygwin on my laptops before anything. It gives you a Linux shell and all the core utilities. Nmap for low level discovery and ONVIF manager for higher level.

Axis Lab Test Xtreme for any Vandal rating verification, and of course Vigil client.

I know very little about Linux. What does Cygwin allow you to do??

Nothing that you can't accomplish thru other means, but if you are already working in Linux and want to keep your sanity by staying with a consistent CLI, it's helpful.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend learning it just to use on windows machines. Though if you do a lot of scripting in "DOS" you might want to consider it.

CLI's, when you know them well, can be way faster than gui based methods, mainly because you don't use a mouse which takes your hand off the keyboard.

Belarc Advisor (client config printouts), Nmap, IP Video Design Tool, Video Server and Client Software, Google Drive (sharing large files), The Dude, IPScanner, VLC, Gadwin Printscreen, Google Earth, Netsanman (change network adapter settings on the fly), all current and past device layer 2 discovery/management tools (cameras, radios, switches).