US Federal Transit Administration Explains 'Buy America' Act To IPVM

The US Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the agency behind the Buy America contacted us today about this discussion. They said they have been dealing with confused questions / statements from industry people.

Here's what they tell me:

  • The 'component' is the camera. The parts of the camera (lens, imager, power supply, etc.) are the 'subcomponents'
  • A camera can still qualify even if all the subcomponents are made outside the USA. What has to be done inside the USA is the 'manufacturing' / combination / assembly of those subcomponents. You may disagree with this philosophically but that was direct from the FTA.
  • It is possible to challenge people making cameras in their basement based on quality issues. For example, the FTA might check / disqualify if the 'manufacturing' lacks sufficient electronic testing / shock testing / weatherproofing.
  • FTA says Canadian companies are excluded from the FTA's Buy America. Sorry Avigilon.
  • Non 'USA' made products can be exempted if they can prove that the quantity or quality of made in the USA products is insufficient.

FTA said their understanding that the other act (Buy American) had a similar definition of manufacturing (i.e., the subcomponents inside a camera do not need to made in the USA to qualify).

Hope this helps.

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Missing an n?

FTA said their understanding that the other act (Buy American)

FWIW, I think we finally did agree on the this component/subcomponent interpretation the other thread.

Thanks. Fixed.

Again Symantics

Play on words, If I manufacture a product all over the world and I assemble it in America ,I can call it made in America , even it 99% made somewhere else, as long as I eng.,design,assemble in America , obvious it is made in America .

Pt of View, politics, Just another play on words.

This way I don't upset the system

Business as usual

Truly Made in America is manufactured in America, design, eng. (85-95%)

Well, it is what it is. Would you feel better if they renamed it the Assembled in America Rule?

+1 Ari.

Christopher, I sympathize with you philosophically but the law is what it is at this time.

In fairness, though, if a stricter standard was used, no camera would ever qualify.

It is a smoke and mirrors law designed by politicians to appease those who lament that nothing is manufactured in the U.S. anymore. You know, the same politicians who taxed and regulated businesses to the point that they had to move factories overseas in the first place.