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Upset After Workroom Disaster - But Who Can Blame Me?

I used to like cables. Much. Ever since then though, slowly now I come to hate them quite solidly. But it took its time, it is like an 'acquired dis-taste' some would say.

Hate because of ones that don't (almost) always work. Make me mad. But I just toss in box and don't use, til i forget why I not use, and re-misuse all over again. Finally had just enough of it.

So when friend Svet came dropping by to clean-up my work room overnight for me and small payment, I tell him, I have new 'company wide' policy, (he knows that means just him, but seem nicer way to say).

Policy is: have bought a new cable tester, nice and only hardly used a bit. When clean up shop, all on-duty personell shall test cables for full workingness. If not working full, shall cut both ends off, so I can't try to use on accident and get mad. Shall be no exceptions.

Go to workroom in morning, Svet happy greet me with 'you were right, lot bad cables, did no cleaning done, just cutting'. Wha?? Instantly I shoot both frozen and horrified glances at a sickly twisted pile of categorical cable lying severedly upon floor. He says 'So far most were all bad'. I say, 'Most?', he say 'Most all'.

Tech Reason: one jack of tester seems little be touchy, finicky and flickery. It say no connection on pin #2. But wait, it goes and gets worse. I look at the 20 former cables and notice that the ends are not even cut off as per instructional policy, but cable is cut in middle! When I ask why, he proud to say, that is 'most efficient way to cut both ends off cable, this way only take one cut!' Oop! But by now i am sure Svet hates cables too.

Say honestly whose fault is this mess, Svet or... Cable tester? ;)

I feel you, bro. Once, when I was young and stupid, I dropped my spirit level. Not noticing that I had knocked it out of true, I continued to use it all that day, cutting rough in rings. My boss was... most displeased.

Thanks to kind words!

And was true, my 'spirit level dropped' after the knock also, but now feel much bettered than before.

How? It can be helping to my mood to wallow around with any old adages I know. so I finally chose the favorited "every cloud have a silver lining*" The lining be, due to Svet's snips, that I have 2x number of cables I had before!

P.S. I too was once young and stupid, but that was before, now I'm just... not stupid! ;)

*or at least 'have a copper cladding'

I can'd decide which is worse...

you don't do your own cleaning, or you keep a known bad tester :)

I can blame you for keeping a known defective tester, as Michael said above. That is just such an oxymoron. A broken tester.

Ok, must admit is true, my bad for keeping well-known but always broke tester around so long.. Your not the first to make same good advices, but sometimes I have these soft spots.

But, defensively I must add, I finally nerved up and fired the oxymoron. Live and let learn...