Upcoming Camera Shootouts - What Do You Want?

We are on the tail end of completing our thermal camera shootout and are underway testing of panoramic / 360 cameras. As we look forward to the rest of the year, I wanted to preview what we are thinking of and see what you wanted to be done.

Here's what we have planned so far:

  • Panoramic / 360 shootout - This is important because of so many recent entrants, a variety of approaches and so much confusion about how well panoramic works.
  • Covert shootout - With Axis releasing a covert HD offering and increased buzz about IP being used in covert, we want to see how it truly stacks up against top tier analog pinhole lenses. We've already bought all the cameras and have this queued up.
  • Integrated IR shootout - With lots of new integrated IR MP cameras, we want to see how performance varies, especially for IR distance, evenness, and overall night time image quality. We haven't started this. It's just in the idea phase.
  • Minidome shootout - Minidomes are quite popular due to their low cost and small size but how much of a performance difference exists amongst them especially in harsh light or low light conditions.

Beyond that, we will continue to test individual manufacturers, Dahua being the top priority as they seem to be gaining ground at the low end of the market and we have never tested them.

What else? Comments? Questions?

With all of those shootouts scheduled - perhaps a bullet-proof vest?

There's Carl, Dedicated, Passionate about the industry and love to see your reviews. Have a great week carl

Need to keep the class's in the same perspective with quality - good, best, better - group the series together, close, short range, long range

I recently purchase a product that worked great at the display and when we install worked great. Then the customer went green and the lighting when dim, now it barely works. Can you elaborate on covert for lit , dim lit , well lit , and very well lit

Have enjoyed you previous shootouts , they are great !!!!!!! lots of perspective

I'd like to see some of the cameras that don't get as much exposure in the shootouts...Samsung, VideoIQ, Vivotek, ACTi...I'm sure there are others.

Christopher, we do plan to test the covert cameras in a variety of low light conditions from well lit to moderately lit to low lit to dark.

Scot, we plan to test the new Samsungs. We are currently testing 2 Vivotek panoramics. It makes sense to test some of the new ACTis. As for VideoIQ, the only camera would be their HD dome which we've never tested and then maybe their IP Rialto. Probably, the IP Rialto will be part of the thermal analytics test.

We want to see some IP PTZ cameras tested. Not like the M3007, but more actual PTZ cameras with HD imaging. Like the Axis Q6035?

Ryan, if there is more demand for an HD PTZ shootout will do it. We did some HD PTZ testing 2 years ago and very few people viewed it, so that scared me off. Also, there does not appear to be a ton of innovation in the space.

It's something we can consider this summer as we wrap up what's on the current list. Let me know what you think.

John, I would like to see a comparison of the pelco, axis, bosch, sony, panasonic HD ptzs. I will definitely review them.

Also, I would like to see the analytics features compared and the feature sets. Thanks

I think it is time, and maybe should be scheduled every year, an update and analysis of VMS systems. What you have may be somewhat updated (have been seeing Aimetis and DVTel lately in my battle for RFP jobs).

Also, manufacturers, such as ACTI, Hikvision, and Vivotek (as well as others) have NVR low cost appliances with their software on them. (We do use these products with other VMS applications). These become the no-license solution for the 1-16 camera installations. Are they any good.

The edge market is warming up. Bosch, Axis, ISD/IQ/Axis(Exacq), Other - what is out there (SDXC only) and what is good for free "with the camera" solutions.

Status of analytics (whos in ad whos out). A breakdown (UDP, others included on cameras- does it work) (newcomers like Intuvision and other software based). Would like to make heads or tails out of "what works".

Virtualization Success Stories - What VMS works well with VMWare

Jeff, you are going to have to prioritize because we can't hit all of these :)

The VMS software tests are way out of date and doing new tests is a high priority. Indeed, I am actively looking to hire a new engineer to do so.

How easy is it exactly to find an engineer in Hawaii?

Ryan, only Ben and I are in Hawaii. Brian, Ethan, Carlton and our software developer are all in the continental US, or 'the mainland' as we call it here. I don't have any geographic restrictions or requirements. It's all about talent, experience and desire.

I was just joking....

Thanks, Ryan! I just wanted to clarify in case anyone thought that we literally require everyone to be in Hawaii. There have been a number of people who presumed that.

I prefer to see tests of the more commonly utilized types of cameras such as the recent test of the Arecont AV3116DN 3MP with the side-by-side comparisons of simliar models from other manufacturers. Did IPVM get your background checks done prior to getting your permits to do shootouts?