Unlocking Motion-Sensor Secured Doors With Air Duster

Just watched a video on YouTube by Samy Kamkar (who has become famous for a building device that allows control of any vehicle using OnStar), where he demonstrates opening a motion sensor controlled door using a can of air duster.

I was curious to see everyone's comments on this idea.

BTW, check out this guys YouTube channel. He is quite the clever gentleman.


Although I not seen an air duster used in this way before, this is precisely why RTE should be used to shunt door contacts and not unlock doors.

Now, I have used RTE's that worked on a schedule to unlock a door only during business hours when the lobby is manned (for convenience), but typically I advise my customers against using a REX to unlock a door.

This was a story told often by GE reps years ago to sell their dual technology REX. I had never seen it done though.

...check out this guys YouTube channel

Maybe Samy could attempt this unverified exploit next.

via Youtube Live Streaming, of course.

At a demo room (interior doors) that had a sliding glass door, you could slide a piece of paper between the fixed and sliding door and trigger the PIR to open the door.