I was reading an old article on these discussions tonight, and as I do with many softwares I decided to take Unisight for a test drive. After a somewhat slow download, I installed the VMS , and my antivirus/antimalware sent up a flag right away,

I have no idea if this is a false positive, but I realize that I should really do this in a sandbox environment. But I generally take for granted that "professional" grade software should be legit,-my bad-

Unisight Keylogger

Who is Unisight? TNZ Technologies, Inc. dba Unisight Digital Products?

I have no idea who Unisight is, and scanning other sites / Internet shows not a lot of usage.

Maybe it's not 'legit', maybe it's a false positive in your antivirus, I couldn't make an educated guess.

Is there something specifically interesting about Unisight?

There is nothing specifically interesting, other than I had not heard of it before.

We used Unisight for years.