Undisclosed Commenting ID Revamped

We have eliminated numerical tracking of undisclosed posts. You likely recall undisclosed posts being tagged with a ~10 digit ID, e.g.,

This has been replaced by a simple A - Z identification that is only relevant to a specific post. For example:

If 'D' posts repeatedly in a single discussion, you will be able to see that it is still 'D'.

However, you will not be able to track across posts. This was a risk with the previous implementation where dozens of undisclosed comments across months could be used to guess someone's identity (i.e., #1723313 frequently mentions 70s movies and comments about VMSes. etc.)

This will both increase privacy and make it easier to track multiple undiscloseds in long discussions.

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As John notes above though, if the same "real" person always appears with the same "undisclosed" ID, it often isn't hard to put the two together and figure out who a given "undisclosed" really is, which largely negates the whole reason for staying incognito.

Some people may manage to split the two personalities successfully, but most probably won't, since you have to actually work at it - as John notes from my posts above, I do have a tendency to use meme pictures, so it would be something I'd have to avoid doing when "hiding", or it would be a dead giveaway. Sorry to say, other posters' poor command of English would be sure to blow their covers as well.

I am the undisclosed formerly known as #2481220, (I feel so ashamed ;), and I agree this is wise move. I am new to IPVM but not to posting in general, I have posted af quora.com for a few years, but have since slacked off. I would often post anonymously though as I strive to have as little personality as possible as I find it not helpful.

I found it interesting how the undisclosed works(ed) here as opposed on quora. Quora doesn't even maintain continuity between posts in the same thread. Everyone just says Anonymous. This can be frustrating but its pure anonymity. Also only four or so moderators can see your identity out of hundreds. Of course they don't try to stop manufacurers posting anonymously like John does so its not necessary for each post to be vetted to that degree.

But I'll admit I was shocked at the persistence of the undisclosed IDs for eternity. Besides the never ending risk of revealing yourself or even an admin calling you by name accidentally, this persistence created a unique, I believe, social structure that had some interesting twists.

Consider this: I no more "know" Brian Rhodes than (#1234567), ones a string of letters, the other one numerals, and even though one might have a picture attached to it, unless you are particularly vapid, ones posts create the stronger impression over time. And so some of the more frequently used ids developed as their own personality. The ones ending in 22 and recently 221 (there always seemed to be a disproportionate number of 2s often in a row) come to mind.

So on the one hand I didn't really care who 123 is, to me they were just 123! In some cases I'm sure they were more authentic than in their named account. Also, the undisclosed at least were identified by type, "Manufacturer", "Distributer [sic]" and so on, thus helping to give a better idea of who they really were.

But there is a dark side too, this meant that each user was officially granted to use (within reason) two alter-egos at will. This I believe given enough time, could create a Dr. Jekyll - Mr Hyde type scenario, where one id is everyone's friend and courteous to a fault and the other only coming out when a brute was required, much like what is happening with wikipedia editors these days...

Anyway, TL;DR :)

You better watch, everyone knows who is the King of GIFs!

I approve of this post.

Thanks John!

Good change, thanks!