Undisclosed Changed From Letters To Numbers

We have changed undisclosed ordering from letters (e.g., Undisclosed A, B, C) to numbers (e.g., Undisclosed 1, 2, 3).


  • It is easier to track numbers than letters.
  • Sometimes people got confused that the letter was the poster's name (i.e., that Undisclosed D's name was Dave or Don or Debra, etc.)

Also eliminates the fear-of-the-unknown felt in longer discussions when approaching the end of the alphabet.

Though it may obscure some embedded references, for example this innocent and lighthearted wordplay might appear as a groundless accusation to future readers... ;)

this will be a good update but now I have to revise my list of "undislosed" members and the names/manufacturers I have been guessing them to be associated with...

The letters/numbers are dynamic to each thread. EG I am "Undisclosed 2" here, but Undisclosed 1, or Undisclosed 7 in other threads.

You will never find my true identity! I am notorious for my secrecy.

Yes :) just make sure not to be the first to comment all the time!

We'll leave that to you John!

I never use "Undisclosed" because I know John knows who it is, and John already has too much dirt on everyone.

I like it.

"Tell us what do you think, Undisclosed One?" has a mystic, Eastern vibe to it, no?