Underwater Cameras

While watching Shark Week this year I noticed they're getting pretty creative with their cameras in the water. Both with the type and the different ways they were deployed. I started thinking if there were any IPVMers out there that have any experience with underwater cameras in a security application.

I think when you look at the dynamics of underwater photography, specifically how often visibility changes coupled with the idea that in the best case, you catch someone wearing a mask and regulator covering the majority of their face I can't imagine the costs can be justified..

I remember a similar discussion when IPVM had a LinkedIn group. If I remember correctly, someone used a water-tight box camera housing to monitor an underwater outflow from an industrial plant into a lake.

I cannot remember which housing they used (I believe it was a VideoTec product, but can't find it listed now).

I do remember the user saying how difficult it was to see underwater. The comment was even mildly turbid water blocks light just a few feet beneath the surface. The feedback was this particular camera was useless except for a few hours each day when the sun was brightest.

One member, in an earlier discussion mentioned Sidus Solutions, maker of this underwater PT assembly, among many other high-end products

Though among security manufacturers, Avigilon offers more underwater options than anyone else by a long shot. ;)