UK Police Terrify Public With Surveillance Pic

No wonder the UK is so paranoid about video surveillance cctv.

The US has its issues but generally clever enough not to taunt the public so brazenly.

This was tweeted out from a police helicopter:

Unfortunate positioning of cross hairs over the comedian's chest.

Surely, the police 'tweeter' thought he was being funny.

Obviously, the public freaked out that a police helicopter was being used to monitor a person just going about their day.

The reality is, with greater surveillance capabilities, things like this will become easier and easier to do. However, throwing it in the face of the public is a sure way to generate opposition.

I must say. We got quite a few camera's on our terrain, and some are being recorded. And I also place an occasional temporary hidden camera for our internal security department. And I never hide the fact that we do that as well to fellow employees.

I rather have them know that there can be camera's out there pointing at where you are in case they do happen to find a pile of copper laying around and think that they might get away with it.
I've seen people lose their jobs over stealing 6 cans of sirup. Really... is it really worth risking your job over that ?

Then yeah, I rather have them know they could be watched so they don't take the dumb mistake at a moment of weakness. It's a slight difference while walking in public ofcourse. But perhaps the police officer thought the same thing. I must admit, I'm always a bit controdicting when it comes to privacy. On one hand you would expect some privacy in your daily life. On the other hand you would be all too gratefull if those camera's can be used to solve a crime commited on you.

Back to the subject at hand. It's a bit dumb to post actual footage. Specially when it comes to celebrities. But I think it's never wrong to let the people know they could be watched.

But I think it's never wrong to let the people know they could be watched

Surveillance Cameraman 8 - NSFW