HELP - Hikvision NVR / Camera Password Conflict

Had a HIK NVR belly up with 12 direct connected HIK plug and plays .  Went to swap out the NVR with a new one and activated it a strong password.  Apparently the cameras were previously activated with a different pw through the old NVR plug and play that I can't for the life of me remember.  

The NVR is apparently trying to connect to the cameras with new activated password and it locks the camera because of 5 unsuccessful tries. Even tried the NVR Camera management menu to attempt to factory default the camera and it fails. 

So to bypass the NVR's brute force, I brought in a separate POE switch, plugged one and my laptop in, and tried the recovery tool but no luck at all.  (It's always worked on NVR's when I direct logon to the console).I finally removed one of the cameras and brought it home to play with (customer is about 100 miles away).  

I really don't want to send 12 requests for pw's to HIK unless last resort because I've tried that in the past and never gotten a reply.  Is there any way to "de"activate or factory default the cameras?  These are value line series, no reset buttons. 

Can you provide the model number of the cameras?

Have you tried using the Hikvision TFTP tool to upload new firmware and overwrite the old config?

I have not. From googling, that looks a little risky. The tool has perhaps been removed from all HIK owned websites?

Do you know the password of the old NVR? If you do, simply change the password on the NVR to the old one. That recovery tool will not work on the newer firmware. You will need to generate the file from SADP and send to Hikvision for password recovery file. Don't reboot the camera in between exporting the file and importing the file from Hik. Your other option is to manually input the old NVR password for each camera into the NVR camera settings to connect.

No, as I stated, the old NVR died and I can't remember the original password that I set that activated all of the 12 cameras. So all 12 cameras have the same password which I can't recall. (this was put in early summer when HIK was in transition from the 12345 to the stronger passwords). Shortly thereafter we came up with our own default stronger password that we use. When I set up the replacement NVR, I set it to our stronger default but quickly realized that this install did not have that pw.

Is there any way to make the new NVR force it's password on the existing cameras? It did not do it out of the box. Also I noticed that the cameras retained their NVR assigned IP address when unplugged and plugged into a stand alone POE switch ( scheme)

You could simply try changing the password in the NVR because it will ask you if you want the new password to carryover the cameras.

Interesting;that just might work. I haven't tried it. It didn't carry over however, when I initially assigned a different password to the new NVR to activate it.

For some reason I thought there was a reset button on the cameras. Am I wrong?

I have been experiencing similar challenges with the Hik Line. I am having great difficulty transferring existing Hik Cameras on different NVRs w/o resetting to factory first. Cameras have unknown IPs and were powered from newer NVRs. Cameras would not install until I put them on POE switches, found the IPs and defaulted or changed the IPs from the Camera WEB GUI to the IP # associated with the POE Port of the NVR ( Poor Tech/Installers who have limited network access.

I am impartial to the brands and am just providing a story based on my personal experience with the initial setup.

I have been more pleased with the exact scenario installing onto Dahua NVR.

I hope HIK will look into this to help make installations simpler and less costly $$ in time.