Ubiquity Loco 5 Being Replaced With LOCO M5

I have an older loco 5 install needing replacement I want to use a newer loco m5 with the loco 5. Besides turning off airmax what do I need to program to make them communicate. (Its only one camera on the wireless bridge)

Looks like you have to turn off Airmax and set both radios to 20Mhz but it does not sound like link will be 100% stable. For the money and to eliminate any issues I would replace both APs with M5 if you can.

Thanks Michael I have quite a bit of pre m series still out there working fine. I forgot I needed to upgrade firmware on the Loco 5 to latest version. I'm running 1- 1.3 megapixel @ 8 fps 100ft away Im sure it will be more than enough bandwidth. Its a budget client I would love to sell them some new stuff.

Update, it worked fine was able to run camera and setup camera remotely over the connection.