Ubiquity AC Series Worth The Extra $$$$ ? Same Reliability?

I have been using Rocket M5 series stuff with nanostation m5 forever, zero problems with 99% up time. Almost zero failures with the exception of lightning strikes for more than 6 years.

I found a cure for lightning as well unless it is a direct hit.

I notice the AC series with a little higher price point. Can anyone give me a valid reason why I need to spend my clients money to use the AC.

The Light Beam AC with its slim compact sector design with integrated radio is what caught my attention.

Thank You

Only if you need the additional bandwidth from AC.

I think the only difference is the ACs are rated for more bandwidth....about 450 mbs. you'll need gigabit ports to take advantage of it as well

I find our bandwidth from cameras doesn't exceed about 5-7 mbps and is typically much lower so haven't had a need yet

If you only have one camera on a link, of course the additional bandwidth will not likely help. But if you have many more, say 20 cameras, it very well could make or break your link.

I like the new NanoBeam AC design better than the old M5 series. Smaller and easier to mount. No issues with them either.

Thank you. Now that I look again pricing is actually less on the integrated radio sector and the price on the nano beams is very close as well.

Thank you for the input.