Ubiquiti Training From Streakwave - Any Feedback?

A member is asking about the 2 day, $895 classroom training to become an Ubiquiti airMAX Certified Administrator (UACA). Anyone with any experience on this or other Ubiquiti training?

John, myself and another technician just finished this course this week. We did not take it through Streakwave but through CSSA (we are non members of CSSA). I believe our cost per seat was somewhere around $1,100 that is including the instructors travel charges. Is there anything specific they are asking about?

Primarily, how good was the training? Did you learn much? etc.

John, I did leave knowing more than I did going in so that is a positive. We have installed Ubiquiti prior to attending the training so not everything was new to us. My desire would have been for more hands on training during the labs but it just wasn't there. All in all for us it was good to attend. Was it worth the almost $3,000 we had to put towards it? That is debatable. I am sure every training and trainer is different and it will be up to each company to determine if it will benefit their customers and themselves by attending.

Did they offer you priority tech support, CEUs, or any comp gear as a perk of training?


No priority tech support, in fact when asked about that he encouraged us to visit the online community to get questions answered. In the past when needing tech support Ubiquiti doesn't offer much it all takes place in the community forums, which I will say are pretty spectacular, if you post a question community members are very quick to answer questions. Unfortunately no CEU's, but we will get a tshirt in the that says we are certified :)


I attended the AirMAX course last month which was put on by BANJO network out of San Francisco. Out cost was $800 per person and the class size was only 8 students. It looks like Ubiquity contracts out all of their training so the cost and quality could vary. I will say that the course syllabus was well laid out, the hands on training equipment was well maintained and they are serious about their testing, no open book, no sharing and answers imput directly into their test portal. I think passing was a minimum of 80 or 90%.

Our instructor had an engineering degree and actual WISP install work all over the world so the level of instruction was pretty high quality and light on sales pitch which was nice.

And as previously mentioned, Ubiquity does not have the type of teck support where you can call up and be walked through an issue but their forum is very active and monitored by thier staff who address general and direct questions.