Ubiquiti Quality Declining?

I agree the Ubiquiti's from 2 or more years ago have been rock solid. The more recent ones.... not nearly so much.

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The comment above came from another thread, but I'm curious: is anyone else seeing a decline in Ubiquiti quality/reliability?

I believe I've heard this from more than just Luis.

Not seeing any issues yet. Starting to deploy the nanobeams over the M line and haven't had any issues.

I haven't played with UBNT in a while, but I used to compete against them. I pulled out several failed ubiquiti networks back then. I'm surprised that the quality could actually get worse.

I was working with the NBE-5AC-19 yesterday and they took forever to setup. Constantly dropping the connection and took forever to accept the config changes.

We're getting a lot of drop connections from the more recent versions before we swtiched to another product. We've tried firmware, site survey for signal availability and making sure they were not being overdriven since these are short distances (keeping the decibel levels between -40dbm to -60dbm).

We also had this super weird issue where a lot of them had some funky firmware bug where you plug them into the network to set them up, and immediately you get IP address conflict messages on computers all across the network. Then you try and talk to support and more and more we were just getting canned answers and nothing really addressing the issues. Maybe its growing pains from having grown so fast.

But ones we installed 5 years ago, those suckers just refuse to die.

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